Posted by: michelenel | 20 December, 2014

New Christmas, new granddaughter, new stocking….

A couple of years ago I make new Christmas stockings for each of our four beautiful grandchildren. At the time I toyed with the idea of making a few extras for ‘in case’ …that way if any new babies came along we would have the same designs and fabrics to keep them all nicely matching – I think time and energy probably got the better of me and it didn’t happen.
That of course is when an unexpected but true blessing arrived in the form of a little ginger granddaughter…who now has no Christmas stocking for the fireplace – disaster!!
I added ‘stocking’ to my pre-Christmas to-do list but wasn’t that hopeful of having the energy or ability to complete the task following my shoulder surgery, but this morning I woke up early – 4am early!, and that was the job my brain kept telling me needed to be done…and I managed better than I expected.

Looks very pretty, but that is when I realised this was a different pattern to all the others and the toe faces the opposite direction – AARRGGGG!
So annoying – so now I will need some more grandchildren to make another three facing that way to even it all out – come on children, who’s volunteering? 😄

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