Posted by: michelenel | 12 November, 2014

Where’ve you been?

Mom’s new website goes live on Saturday….come on over and take a look; there are beautiful things for Christmas too.

A bite from life's apple

Despite the fact that I am now retired from work for health reasons, it has certainly NOT been quite!  The devil makes work for idle hands and I certainly don’t want to fall into his hands so I have had to find ways to keep me busy that don’t involve DIY, too much sewing…in fact too much of anything that involves me using my dicky arm until after my surgery.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly you manage to fill the void left from working full-time?  Before I could blink I was involved in all sorts of activities for our church, friends and now for the family – mom especially.  You may remember she is the 70+ ‘retired’ lady who has started her own business and I am helping out with keying all the new products onto the website before the big launch on Saturday.  Exciting times and good for me because…

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