Posted by: michelenel | 3 November, 2014

She’s an absolute angel…..

My children will all tell you how much fun we used to have creating little beaded Christmas angels when they were little.  Many years and a number of grandchildren later, they still remember them fondly each Christmas when we have to make the big decision about which decorations to include on the tree.

It is now more than 20 years later and it is time to resurrect these little gems and I can think of no better place to do this than to teach them to a new crop of ladies to pass onto their children.

Off the shelf came the three tins of beading bits ‘n bobs and lo and behold, there was the original hand written instructions….still!  I hoard remember, so why are you surprised?

One little practice to make sure I still know what I am doing and ta da! here she is…..




These cost nothing this time round because all of the beads used were from the originals purchased back in the 1990s! I remember buying a huge big bag of the grub beads, gold seed beads and wooden beads; I then spray painted the wooden beads for the heads.  I will probably only buy some gold wire rather than the one I used…it will go better with the gold beading.

For this group tutorial next week I will make up little packs of beads and wire so everyone has what they need to create their own perfect little Christmas angels…. I can’t wait 🙂


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