Posted by: michelenel | 1 November, 2014

Pumpkin, pumpkin everywhere!

It’s that time of year when every store and farm stall is piled high with pumpkins. The majority of them nowadays are probably grown for All Hallows’ night with very few actually used for the table, but I have never passed up a pumpkin or a squash because of all the amazing dishes you can create from them.
I did not however want to waste a perfectly good pumpkin shell by cutting it up into pieces for the insides when our son is hosting a huge haunted house party next week, so the obvious solution was to remove the inside and keep the outside as well.
The recipe this year was a pumpkin chutney; it is new to my homemade larder but had to be tried when I was informed that it was very like a mango chutney….SOLD! Any South African will tell you how important chutney is to the nation, but mango is the holy grail and therefore this was a MUST try.

Gathered all the ingredients….

IMG_0601.JPGcut off the lid of the pumpkin, hollowed out the pips and then used a nice big spoon to scoop out all the lovely pumpkin flesh.
A few hours later and the kitchen was filled with the most wonderful aromas and 12 beautiful bottles of goodness.

Initial tests have everyone agreeing that it is a definite success and a must-keep recipe, but we will have to wait at least a month to allow it to mature before giving our final verdict.
Full report to follow….and if I remember, some pictures of the carved pumpkin too.


  1. This sounds amazing.. I ended up making a savoury pie and some pasties with mine!

    • They pies sound amazing – and oh so Wiganese 🙂 If you like chutney I can supply you with a bottle – let me know xx

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