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Blog Hop – it’s a hop, skip & jump…..

It seems rather appropriate that I write this today because I have been rather off colour and without inspiration for quite some time and the 1st of September is a good day to start pushing myself back up the hill; and what better way to start than by accepting my nomination for a ‘blog hop’. Thank you to my lovely daughter over at for nominating me to take part. If you are as unfamiliar with the process as I was until a few days ago, then let me broaden your knowledge as well!

A blog hop is designed to introduce you to some lovely new bloggers that you may not have met on the blogosphere before. You get nominated, accept (PLEASE!!!), mention who nominated you (with a link to their blog), answer the four set questions and then nominate a few blogs you love and follow (with a link to their blog). Hopefully they accept your nomination and the following Monday they start the process all over again. Sounds easy enough, so let’s see how I get on…..

Question 1 – Why do I write?
I started writing many years ago during a very traumatic event which resulted in a huge build up of stress and tension. For whatever reason I picked up a little notebook and pen and started madly writing down all the thoughts that were crowding in on me. It proved rather cathartic and ever since then I have made little notes in journals about everything from angry tirades, happy events I need to capture, all the way through to pattern instructions and soap recipes. I believe this helps me because I have a rather hyperactive brain and sometimes I have to empty just a bit of it onto paper or it might explode – not a good thought because that amount of information would probably take out a city block!!

I found out about blogging from my daughter (an enthusiast) and in September 2008 I decided to start my first blog. It had nothing to do with sewing or crafts, but rather was a way for me to record all the adventures I was hoping to have as a new wheelchair user – you can find Bundu Bashing & Other Wheelchair Adventures at

Next came my general blog/journal ‘Life’s an Apple’; this was the blog where I could ramble, empty my brain a little and keep family and friends updated on our eventful lives; but mostly it was for me to journal and be able to print for family to see the madness they are descended from.
Then last, but certainly not least, came this crafty blog ‘Swiss Army Wife‘ – and no, hubby is NOT in the Swiss army! I got the nickname from him years ago when he told someone that I could do anything – a bit like a swiss army knife, but rather a swiss army wife; it was accurate, I loved it and it stuck. This blog was a way to keep track of my projects and look back at a record of all the fun things I get involved in. My blogs were never meant to be about gathering followers, more a journal for myself, but once that first little star popped up telling me I had a new follower, I was hooked! How was it possible that anyone besides me would find anything I had to write about interesting? The fact they did has been such a pleasure and so rewarding, especially when what I have had to say helped others – from wheelchair to sewing advice. Thank you one and all

Question 2 – What am I working on?
I have been rather slack recently. To be fair my health is a little challenging but I am really working hard on getting myself motivated and back up and running. I have a number of UFOs (if you are new to sewing or crafting, this is an Un Finished Object) which I am planning on getting off the landing strip, onto the table and with their new owners before the end of the year.
1) My beautiful granddaughters quilt and wall hanging….


This has been folded in a cupboard far too long and just needs to be FMQd (Free Motion Quilted).
2) Hubby’s trousers and tailored shirts. He has had two new shirts this year, but next is a pair of tailored trousers – the first I will ever have made him.


3) A lovely dress I am hoping to make for my daughter to wear at a friend’s wedding (a rather belated birthday present!).

4) A cycle cap in tweed that I have been promising my son-in-law since his last birthday!


5) Bunting for our churches Macmillan Coffee Morning I am helping with on 26th September. Nothing says tea party quite like a bit of bunting – right?



6) A batch of beer for Christmas. I want it to have enough time to age, so this is one challenge I really need to get done soon! I haven’t been completely idle because I have just made a batch of port from some red wine I made last year. This will hopefully be ready for Christmas as well.

7) A bee suit for myself for spring next year. Both my boys have one and I am hoping to be well enough to tackle some more serious garden time this coming spring! So far I have only been able to observe our bees from the patio and being the hands-on, get-stuck-in kinda girl, you cannot even begin to imagine how frustrating this is!

8) Some small guest soaps for visitors to our Macmillan Coffee Morning – donations will go to this amazing cause. We have only been making soap and lotions for a short time, but I absolutely love the whole sciency/crafty process – who wouldn’t when you can turn ingredients from your pantry into something you can spread on your skin instead of on toast!

9) My espaliered orchard. I need to try and find a decent day before autumn so that I can prune and tie up some of the branches on my fruit trees. Espaliered trees take effort, but they are perfect for wheelchair users because you can get up close to them and pick your own fruit – AND they look incredible and architectural in summer and winter.
I could go on, but you would definitely get bored and I would get too depressed knowing how much I have to catch up on!

Question 3 – How does it differ from others of its genre?
My wheelchair blog is pretty unique (or it was when I started). Not many wheelchair users were going bundu bashing and even fewer writing about it. My lifesanapple blog is very unique simply because that is where we include stories of our home restoration project. As for the crafty blog – it probably isn’t that unique in concept, but in content I am sure it is unique because of the vast array of crafts I get involved in.

Question 4 – How does my writing process work?
One of two ways. If I am excited about something and need to let it out – then I simply open WordPress and ribbit on. If I am planning a post that is to be scheduled then I most often open a word document and write and check it in there before pasting it to my blog. I have had a couple of disasters where I have lost my work and had to start all over again; you never seem to be able to write it as well the second time round! In either case, I add photos – the most challenging part for me because the pictures could be on a multitude of different devices – one day I will figure out a better method. Finally I spellcheck and re-read my post to hopefully pick up any mistakes (somehow one always eludes me), before publishing or scheduling it for a future date.

And now for my nominations – my apologies for springing this onto you all but I had no idea how to contact you beforehand to ask if you would be happy to take part; and in case one can’t do it I have nominated three blogs instead of two.
I would love to introduce you all to:
Emma at She sews some beautiful stuff and her smile tells you how much she loves her creations.
Michelle (with two LLs, unlike me :-)) at Her sewing is beautiful and the pictures of the children in their outfits are SO adorable too.
Avis at This is one productive quilter – something I really envy and hope one day to achieve! (PS – Avis contacted me and thanked me for the nomination but circumstances mean she cannot take part, but why not visit her blog anyway and see her work).

If the nominations are accepted you will be able to learn a little more about each of them on Monday 15th September 2014.

Goodbye, thank you for listening and happy blog hopping!

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