Posted by: michelenel | 5 July, 2014

A rather handy little **!SNAP!**

We all have little gadgets in our sewing and craft rooms – unfortunately some wiser purchases than others!
I have to admit that my sewing room has the more useful and practical variety but the same has not always been said for the kitchen 😊

Having made quite a few reusable cloth nappies for my daughters babies, this little device is a must-have….

20140705-085746 am-32266365.jpg
…and together with the plastic snap closures has proven to be an amazingly versatile piece of kit around the house.
Just this morning I applied poppers (or snaps) to another four of our bathrooms hand towels. For months they have driven me crazy when the grandchildren (and some less than diligent adults) wash their hands and either leave the towel crumpled on the railing or the floor – grrrr!
So last week, out came the tools and a few minutes later I was one very happy lady – towels are neat and tidy and can no longer fall off the rail – and they are easily removed for washing – a joy; and unexpectedly pretty too.

20140705-090233 am-32553356.jpg

20140705-090233 am-32553702.jpg

Another bugbear of mine is those cheaper duvet/quilt sets that have only one or two buttons or poppers or none at all. I have fixed those with my little device and can smile happily whenever we change the linen – small things that make me happy!

So apart from the nappies, this little device has proven invaluable for everything from baby rompers, boys shirts, nappies, towels, duvets, bags, bracelets, sword belts and any other fabric that needs a closure – well worth the few pounds it cost.

I look forward to seeing and hearing what else it can be used for.
Happy snapping!

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