Posted by: michelenel | 4 July, 2014

Lathering Lego?

In our home we try and make everything work really hard and wherever possible it should be multi functional; and that goes for the toys too!
Yesterday I was doing some research for soapmaking. I wanted to design a new soap recipe and also find some moulds. I found moulds – plenty of them, but on a budget and in the quantity I need even a reasonable price can become restrictive; and that is when the penny dropped – Lego! Why can’t I make a mould out of Lego? I happen to have plenty of it and it has to be worth a try – and free!
An hour later and here we have it…..

20140704-090625 am-32785986.jpg

20140704-090626 am-32786943.jpg
I made the mould big enough for one or two batches of soap and will line it with paper. The base peels off very easily and can be removed to decant the soap once it has set overnight. It is extremely sturdy and can be washed and clipped back to the base ready for the next round of soaps.

I am going to put it through its paces today and will report back. The best thing of all is that when I make my own moulds one day, the Lego can go back to serving its first purpose – keeping little hands and minds inspired and occupied.
Lego is GENIUS!


  1. You are such a green innovator… can’t wait for the test report!

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