Posted by: michelenel | 30 June, 2014

Morsbag and mini-Morsbag…..

I was so intrigued by mention of Morsbags on twitter that I went over to their website at to see what it was all about. I am a total sucker for a good cause and doing my bit for the environment so it took about a nano-second for me to be caught hook, line and sinker! The labels were immediately ordered and I waited with much anticipation for them to arrive so my first bag could be constructed.
I was lucky enough to have just recently bought a lovely piece of curtailing off cut from Standfast & Barracks in the 50pence section and it was meant to be a bag because according to the instructions it was the perfect size for the bag.
I whipped it together in between helping the sewing bees – mine sports a pretty little pocket and a boxed bottom especially for tin cans when we go shopping. The little piece that was left over quickly got made into a tiny bag for our granddaughter.
Altogether a lot of fun and helping the environment – a great way to use up some fabric and look super cute whilst shopping. I am going to set up a sewing workshop during the summer holidays for some newbie sewers and teach them how to make this simple but useful bag.
Now to see if I can find out where on earth they got the name from???

20140630-065918 am-25158730.jpg

20140630-065917 am-25157677.jpg

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