Posted by: michelenel | 13 June, 2014

GBSB2 1930s Blouse- Part 3 – Markings & Interfacing

Markings – one of the little jobs you have to do before you start to sew that can feel like a waste of time but really make a HUGE difference to the quality of your work.  That said, I have been known (when in a hurry) to almost completely skip this step apart from a few snips at notches.  I DO NOT recommend this until you have been sewing for a long time!  Learn to enjoy and savour each step of the process and once you are really, really good at something then you can begin to change how you do things – you need a really good foundation if you plan on taking out a brick here and there!

Having marked off the notches and pinned the dart placements I tested my interfacing to make sure it was the right weight – it was, but I suggest you do this before you cut the pieces out – you don’t want to waste your valuable stash after all.

Follow the directions in the book and you can begin to sew however I always iron all of my interfacings to their respective partners before I begin.


When you iron on your interfacing, use a teflon sheet to protect your ironing board cover.  Your family will be less than pleased with you if they iron a shirt and find they have glue stuck to it or the plate of the iron!  You can buy the expense ones touted for sewing but I am thrifty and bought a few very cheap oven sheets and use these instead.

20140612-072252 pm-69772556.jpgTip:

I am MAD about spray starch and use it in copious quantities when sewing.  It gives your fabric a bit more crispness which is much easier to handle.  Again, you can buy it but I prefer my hand crafted version which you can find here.

20140612-072253 pm-69773717.jpg

A note of caution!!!  I don’t use pattern layout instructions because often I find a more economical way to lay out my pattern pieces and the majority of the time this is fine – EXCEPT when the pattern sheet is incorrect!  A bit annoying, but to warn you now will save you the pain I went through when I discovered that the blouse front pattern is incorrectly marked.  It should show it with the double curved arrows to indicate that it must be cut out on the fold – but it doesn’t.  I have to sew a seam down the centre front which is very annoying and will alter the size and look but hopefully it will still fit me.  To be fair though, if I had followed the directions for laying out the pattern I may have noticed that it shows it on the fold – mmmm; lesson learned.

I do believe we are ready to sew people.  Sewing machines at the ready……


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