Posted by: michelenel | 6 June, 2014

GBSB2 1930s Blouse – Part 1

Before you get too excited, this is not meant as a full step by step tutorial, but rather a follow-along as I make this blouse.

I will try and take enough photos as I go along to help demonstrate each major part of the process to supplement those in the book.  I am also hoping that by committing this first blog post into the blogosphere I will feel really guilty if I don’t knuckle down and finish it – here’s hoping, because I am currently lying on my bed typing this and wondering how much of the garment I could do from a horizontal position!

Here goes…..

To make The Great British Sewing Bee’s 1930s blouse you will need ‘The Great British Sewing Bee – Sew Your Own Wardrobe’ pattern pack out of the book from series 2.

20140605-095710 am-35830080.jpg
~ Select, wash and iron your fabric. There is nothing more frustrating than suddenly getting the urge to sew and you realise you’ve forgotten to wash and iron your fabric in readiness – BE PREPARED!
~ Find the pattern sheet with the 1930s blouse pattern printed on it. Most of the pieces are printed in red ink, but for some reason the front peplum and front and back facings are printed in blue so don’t miss them out!
~ Choose your size and trace your pieces onto pattern paper, tracing paper or even Vilene; this is my favourite but starting to get a bit pricey. However if you intend to use a pattern more than once it is worth the cost. Make sure to trace all the markings for your size as well. Write the name of the pattern, the piece number or name and your size onto each piece of the pattern.
~ Cut out all of your traced off pattern pieces.

You should have:
Front;  Back;  Front peplum;  Back peplum;  Sleeve;  Collar;  Front facing;  Back facing

20140605-095926 am-35966468.jpg
We are now ready to begin laying out the pattern onto the fabric.

See you next time.

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