Posted by: michelenel | 5 June, 2014

Shoe shine! Get your shoes shined here…..

Hubby loves to be well groomed and that includes his shoes. Having been in the army he really does know how to make shoes look their best and he won’t go out with grubby shoes – thank goodness!
Back in 2000 we went to our first Royal Lancashire Show in Astley village and we were convinced to buy a small tub of beeswax leather balm by a lovely gentleman who assured us you couldn’t get a better product for saddles and all other sorts of leather, especially shoes. It was NOT cheap and at the time the £10 for about 250ml was a big deal but as the man claimed at the time, it would last us at least ten years; how could we argue with that!
I can now absolutely confirm that he was 100% correct because it was only this year (2014) that hubby sadly announced that he had reached the bottom of the tub; now that is a product that lived up to the claims made about it; and considering between hubby and our son they polish shoes nearly every day (and one of those is a pair of very large leather cowboy boots) this stuff really was worth every penny.
I had to get my thinking cap on because a replacement had to be found. I was fortunate enough to come up with a recipe at and thought it was worth a try.

One of our grandsons was having a morning of “doing” with Ouma and once we were both kitted out in our gear we got stuck in to make Oupa’s new shoe balm.
Here is one VERY happy helper getting super excited about Vitamin E oil!

20140605-081410 am-29650824.jpg
This recipe is really easy with the added bonus that all the ingredients were already in my craft room.
After melting it all together I poured the balm into an old body cream tub and a tiny tin for hubby’s travel shoe kit. Once it was cool and set it was time for a trial run…..

20140605-081703 am-29823235.jpg
I can report that both boys are very happy with the results but as with all recipes I find, I will wait a few weeks and see if they would like anything to be tweaked.
I must say that I too love this recipe, and who wouldn’t, it can be used on your shoes, hands, furniture, saddle and even as a lip salve; and THAT is why I love hand crafted!

A most enjoyable hour and now we have our sights set on some lip balm – after all we already have everything we need out on the counter so it seems a shame not to make use of it.

20140605-082305 am-30185254.jpg

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