Posted by: michelenel | 27 May, 2014

A sartorial 5-year-old?

I kid you not! A dear friend needed a birthday present for her nephew and it may seem like an odd request but she asked me to help her make him a bow tie. Apparently he will only wear proper trousers, shirts and waistcoats with bow ties; and to top it off a Panama hat. As his dad does not dress like that it seems strange for such a small boy to develop these gentlemanly traits, but however it happened, I planned to make sure he had a tie that he knew looked just like the one I made for our son in a gorgeous Liberty print.

Before I started on the tie I remembered an unwanted shirt and proceeded to cut this up for a pair of smart shorts he could wear with a waistcoat and his new bow tie. A few snips here and there and the main body became legs, the buttonhole band is now a waistband with the epaulets attached at the side seams to fasten to the buttons on the waistband so he can adjust them to fit his waist. A splash of pizzaz is added by including a turn-up in Liberty fabric to match the bow tie.

This bow tie is the real deal and not on an elastic! I had to practice tying it properly myself in order to achieve an authentic look – I then added poppers at the back of the neck to ensure it was adjustable for him as he grows – this is also a great idea so his mom doesn’t have to keep re-tying it each time.

20140527-105550 pm-82550103.jpg

20140527-105551 pm-82551187.jpg

20140527-105554 pm-82554240.jpg

20140527-105549 pm-82549025.jpg

20140527-105552 pm-82552443.jpg
I know my son was rather envious for one of these for himself – maybe next week I will oblige.



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