Posted by: michelenel | 22 May, 2014

Dishwasher tablets that sing…..

Our latest attempt to save money and be domestically self sustainable is dishwasher tablets. Trawling the internet I found this recipe from which I was going to use until I found this one at
I love these recipes and the hard work and research put into perfecting them – and the ingenious use of lemonade drink powder – amazing! I had to modify it slightly as I used citric acid rather than the lemonade which we don’t have in the UK.
I was going to make powder and use a scoop but as it happened my citric acid tub was left open and had absorbed quite a lot of moisture so when we began to mix the ingredients it fizzed and sang like mad; and because of the moisture it started to clump so we decided to make them into tablets instead.

I used a tablespoon measuring spoon and compacted a tablespoon of mixed ingredients and then tapped them out of the mould onto a tray to dry. We left them to dry on the windowsill of the lounge but then thought better of that because our house is on the street and any passerby might have mistaken this for some sort of illegal substance for sale! One drug incident in the hired BMW was enough for me so we moved it to another sunny spot to dry out for a day or so.20140522-012914 pm-48554959.jpg

Here they are all dry and packaged ready for use and with the addition of some silica sachets to keep moisture out.


20140522-012940 pm-48580965.jpg

20140522-012940 pm-48580220.jpg

I am informed by the family that they work brilliantly and as an added bonus cost less than buying them from the store – win, win!


  1. So ingenious… will be giving this a whirl when my current box runs out. I tend to split the shop-bought ones in half as it saves money and works just as well but even cheaper I guess is homemade.

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