Posted by: michelenel | 25 April, 2014

Start them off young…..

Our eldest granddaughter is just four years old but is already an aspiring clothing designer and sewer. A lot of her time is spent drawing her dress designs and asking me (her Ouma) to make them for her – too cute.

This week we have had the pleasure of the family from London’s company and as always, crafts are compulsory!

Today we decided to spend our time making her a new craft and cooking apron. I chose a fabric from Ikea that has black line drawings all over it which can be coloured in with fabric pens which they also sell. I love this because the children can get really creative and make them very personal.

We cut out a very basic shape and she helped me to overlock and sew it before adding embellishments. Needless to say a four year olds idea of adding decorative trim is hardly subtle so we landed up with gold rickrack, lace, buttons, patterned ribbon and velvet ribbon. It was about now that I suggested that would be sufficient!

Here she is using the overlocker with help from Ouma. As her mommy said “my four year old has used an overlocker before I have!”

20140425-064433 pm.jpg

And here it is after the fabric pens have been well utilised to personalise the apron.

20140425-064145 pm.jpg I must say she is amazing at colouring in for her age and we were all very impressed with the results.

We stitched one side of the neck ribbon to the apron and on the other I added a really large button to make sure it doesn’t pull through the channel; that way she can’t accidentally pull the tie out.

This craft project was a lovely experience for Ouma and granddaughter and resulted in one VERY happy little girl.


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