Posted by: michelenel | 12 April, 2014

Addie makes some shorts…..

When Addie first arrived in the sewing room we were all a little daunted by her size and power but I quickly got over it because although she has a HUGE motor and runs like the wind, she is still just a sewing machine and they all work basically the same.
After giving her a good clean and oil, I set about trying her out. WOW! This machine can move!
I studied the very basic instruction manual I eventually found on the internet and threaded her up – no problems there.
Next I used some heavy duty fabric scraps to test the tension – mmmm, a few issues here, but after a full afternoon (I kid you not!) of changing thread, needles, tension and stitch length it eventually started to sew – phew!
Rather than just sewing up and down scraps, I decided to put together a pair of toddler shorts using the machine because this would go through various thicknesses on an actual garment and help me to get a feel of the machine.
It was a bit scary, but slowly we are getting acquainted and I am starting to understand the machine and how best to use it – which is rather different to a domestic machine.
In hindsight, I shouldn’t have started on the pockets with their decorative top stitching because using this powerful beast for the first time was a little bit of a challenge! After a few rather wonky lines, I decided to just do a few more to try and cover up the wobbles and give them a more free form and carefree look……

20140412-101947 am.jpg

I am not sure how successful it was but they are still very cute and definitely wearable – and will NOT fall apart in a hurry with the strong thread I used.

Now to try some denim – wish me luck!



  1. Yowser, what a beast! Do you find the noise of the motor intimidating? My sewing teacher had an industrial machine and after starting it up once, I realised I would probably never go down that path because of my noise sensitivity. I always know when my domestic machines need a clean as I can’t stand using them when they are noisy! Good luck with the denim, although Addie looks robust enough to sew through wood!!!

    • Hi, I was very worried that it would be noisy but incredibly, it is quieter than most of my domestic machines!! When you switch it on the motor fires up and quietly hums – amazing. And then when you press the foot pedal it engages the flywheel that turns the machine on and even then it is much quieter than my Elna and my Pfaff domestic machines. Just need to get comfortable with tension for the thread that varies from normal to yarn – mad! 🙂

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