Posted by: michelenel | 3 April, 2014

Judging controversy at the Great British Sewing Bee…..

If, like me, you have been glued to your television or iPlayer for each weeks highs, lows, disasters, delights and everything in between, then you may also be following the contestants on Twitter.

Well, what a  to-do! Hundreds of Lynda fans were up in arms at the judge’s decision to eliminate her in the semi-final – much of which seems to be aimed at Patrick (tap chest twice) for some reason.


Now I, like a lot of you, are rather disappointed at this decision as Lynda is not only a wonderful lady but a great talent that had a challenging day at the worst possible time – I know how that feels believe me! But someone had to go and I personally would hate to have been in Patrick and May’s shoes.

In an attempt to find out why (that is the analyst in me), I decided to do some digging because I assume many of us don’t actually know how the judging works and here is what I have found…. a big fat NOTHING!  Frustrating really as I did a bit of searching and couldn’t find out whether the contestants are judged only on that week’s challenges or if they take into account past successes and failures – even unintentionally.

Therefore we are no wiser except we can probably assume that each week is judged in isolation otherwise why would Lynda have gone when according to Burda’s brilliant weekly rankings chart, Lynda has won a fair few challenges.  Perhaps the lovely judges will come back and let us know how it all works behind the scenes?


Before I go and in case you haven’t seen this article yet, I found it whilst hunting around the net; I think it is rather interesting.


Here’s looking forward to what will no doubt be a nail biting final next week – can we get through with nails intact and a dry eye in the house?

Happy stitching everyone.




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