Posted by: michelenel | 22 March, 2014

It must be time for shorts surely…..

It’s that time of year when we are so desperate for some warm weather that regardless of the cold, wind and rain we start working on Summer clothing in the vain hope that it will actually make a difference and influence the weather!

Here is my attempt at manipulation so far….

20140322-114504 am.jpg

A pair of shorts from the tiny scrap of leftover fabric from the trousers my son is making for himself – it turned out to be just enough for the shorts but I had to improvise with the waistband because I ran out of fabric.  In this instance it was the waistband I had cut off hubby’s tracksuit top the week before.  The rest of it was turned into a nappy which you can see in a previous blog – rather resourceful or what?

Then I made another pair in a lightweight denim with a touch of interest on the pockets – this is a piece of bias binding left over from a dress my daughter made herself last year.  I know it is polka dots, but he is after all not yet 2 years old and they will look so cute on him.

The denim pair has a drawstring because we all know how annoying it is when you child’s pants keep falling down because they assume all children have the same size waist!

I think I will do some dungarees next and then work on a few dresses for a special little girl!

20140322-114514 am.jpg

20140322-114527 am.jpg


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