Posted by: michelenel | 15 March, 2014

Hand-me-downs to cycle-me-ups…

Sometime in the mid 1990s we bought hubby a fleece top from a fairly new chain store in South Africa. Mr Price soon became our go-to clothing shop because being a family on a ridiculously tight budget we did not too many other choices.
Last week when I went to throw something into my bedroom bin I was shocked to find the old fleece that I thought he would NEVER get rid of despite it being a little worn by now!
Me, being me, I couldn’t stand just binning it and immediately began cutting it up with a new project in mind – and no, it was not cleaning rags!

It is far from pretty, but here it is going through the scissors….

20140315-074523 am.jpg

And here it is all repurposed and up-cycled into a cloth nappy for our grandson…..

20140315-074721 am.jpg

20140315-074727 am.jpg

Rather a good use of an otherwise very tatty garment – it seems rather fitting that it is going to keep hubby’s littlest grandsons bottom dry!!


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