Posted by: michelenel | 6 March, 2014

Frustration is…..

…sewing hubby’s new tailored shirt almost all the way through and when you sew up the side seams realise that you have one sleeve on completely inside out and the placket at the front rather than the back AND the pocket now on the inside!!!! AAARRRRRGGGG! Seriously, time for a break and a cuppa before tackling the mess that I have created.

Okay, break over.  I gave up on the idea of binning the whole thing and starting again because after a break it NEVER seems as bad – well, it is, but now I can deal with it 🙂

I think the problem seems to stem from the collar which I sewed onto the body backwards – the patterned fabric should have been the underside and somehow I managed to sew it facing upwards instead and because the main fabric is reversible I did not notice until the sleeves were in place.  This also means that the pocket landed up on the INSIDE of the shirt (I am laughing hysterically at my mistake which makes typing rather tricky) and also had to be removed.  Just how wrong can I have got it? Very, so here is a valuable lesson for you newer sewers out there – EVEN 40 YEAR SEWERS GET IT WRONG – OFTEN!!!

Hey ho, the sleeve and pocket are now unpicked and ready for machining – again; this time I have made absolutely sure it is correct before I start.


20140306-084048 am.jpg


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