Posted by: michelenel | 2 March, 2014

Tumble dryer balls; an update….

After making my new 100% wool tumble dryer balls (see my previous posts for details), the next step was to wash them on a high temperature to get them felted. Of course I didn’t want to waste water and electricity by doing them on their own so they waited for a nice linen load to go into. At first we didn’t think they had worked so I did them again and apart from shrinking quite significantly I could still make out strands of yarn and thought it hadn’t worked again. I therefore had to open one of them from the tights sausage they were washed in, and much to my surprise they were perfect!
I cut all of them out of the cocoon and there you have it – one set of perfect up cycled tumble dryer balls in pure wool ready for action.

They work so much better than the hard plastic ones because they don’t crash around as loudly but do a great job on the washing.

20140302-084647 am.jpg

I must say that the blue ones made from very fine yarn are much softer and lighter and next time I will use a cardigan or Jersey from much chunkier yarn.; after all, these are designed to beat your washing!



  1. Such a great idea. I don’t have a tumble dryer but if I did I’d be making some of these. Do you mind if I recommend the post with instructions on how to make them to be featured on Spread Your Wings and Craft website? I’m writing tutorials for the new website but we also feature other cool crafting ideas too.

    • Thank you very much. They are a great idea and I will be making more for my family and friends. You can definitely use this and I can’t wait to see the new website – exciting times!

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