Posted by: michelenel | 7 February, 2014

Tumble dryer balls…..

Having spent the last few weeks really enjoying the whole soap making process, it wasn’t a large leap towards other handmade household necessities and after some rather interesting reads online I just had to have some of these!
Tumble dryer balls; not any old ones but rather some made of pure wool.
Being of a rather thrifty nature (hubby calls it hoarding!) I needed these to have as small an impact on the environment as possible – after all, a tumble dryer is hardly Eco friendly!
Here’s what I did :-
1) Buy a used or have an old jumper donated to you – it MUST be 100% wool,

2) unwind the jumper and roll them into nice round balls at least the size of a tennis ball but softball size is better – they do shrink,

3) thread the ends into and through the ball so they do not unravel during the washing and drying process,

4) place your wool balls into a stocking or tights leg and tie off each one individually – it should look like little round sausage links,

5) place into your washing machine on a very hot cycle – do this with your linens or whites so you aren’t wasting energy,

6) tumble dry with your load of washing,

7) hey presto! when they come out after the hot water and beating they should be all solid and felted; if they are not matted together you may need to repeat the process.  If they don’t work then it may not have been 100% wool, despite what that label said!

Use at least 4-6 balls in your tumble dryer and they should gently beat and remove moisture from your washing; this apparently speeds up drying times and leaves washing much softer than those hard plastic versions.

I haven’t tested mine yet but I will report back on my findings.
Here is my caterpillar of yarn balls all ready for their hot bath…..



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