Posted by: michelenel | 6 September, 2013

Extend the use of a toothbrush head…..

If you use an electric toothbrush (and you should be!) then you know just how much of a cost there is in replacing the toothbrush heads. Please don’t misunderstand, because the benefits FAR outweigh the cost, but I love to find clever uses for what would otherwise just land up in the bin!

Whilst brushing my teeth this morning I had a lightbulb moment because I also wanted to scrub my fingernails and that is when it struck me – why can’t you use your electric toothbrush head to clean your nails as well? I can’t see any harm in using your brush when you have done your teeth, but if you don’t fancy using your current toothbrush head why not keep your old brushes for your nails.

I replaced the toothpaste with a bit of liquid soap and keeping my hands well inside the basin to prevent splashes going all over the mirror etc, I ran the brush gently under each nail and then across each cuticle – the results were amazing; my nails were impeccable and the cuticles nice and tidy! GENIUS! I now have a way of having beautiful teeth, nails and cuticles in one sitting!
Now to moisturise my hands to keep them looking tip top!

Enjoy the thought that you are extending the life of another disposable item and saving money on nail brushes as well 🙂



  1. Also good for cleaning the grout between bathroom tiles (dipped in bleach – brings it back to crisp white), cleaning jewelry and between the keys of a keyboard!.

    • Ha! You sound just like me, always reinventing things. I have a little stash of old manual toothbrushes for everything from cleaning round taps, scrubbing shoes and many other small bits and pieces 😊

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