Posted by: michelenel | 4 September, 2013

Chutney or Jam?

Which is it to be?  I have some freshly picked blackberries harvested by hubby and daughter, with a tiny bit of help from a grandson with a short attention span, some apples and green baby tomatoes donated by a very kind friend.

Searching through some of my books I decided to start on an apple and blackberry jam….


then swiftly moved onto a Green Tomato and Apple chutney….


The Apple & Blackberry jam is wonderful and fruity with just enough tartness and not too sickly sweet that you cannot taste anything but the sugar; this is the problem with so many mass-produced varieties.

The chutney should be left to mature for a month but we had a little left over that would not fit into a bottle and we obviously needed to test it!  Oh My Gosh!! this stuff is AMAZING!  What a wonderful flavour with the ginger, chilli and cinnamon notes coming through beautifully.  This is one FINE chutney that goes superbly with strong cheese which we always have in the house.  I cannot wait to try this in a few months time and a bottle will definitely make it to the Christmas table!

One happy hubby with his glass of very nice homemade white wine and his cheese and chutney cracker – Yummy!  Here I need to give a shout out for a lovely lady who thought of me when she came into possession of her mom’s old copper jam pot – thank you, thank you, thank you.  Not only has it done an amazing job with the chutney, but it also looks beautiful in between cooking assignments sitting on my woodburning stove!


The next day we started a batch of Blackberry & Strawberry jam with the remaining blackberries.  We have a friend who very kindly supplied us with some freeze-dried strawberries, half of which went into one of the wines and the remainder making its ways into the jam as an experiment.  I can confirm that it turned out very nicely indeed.  Possibly a little sweet for my taste, but hubby is ecstatic as he has a total aversion for anything sour.

IMG_2354    IMG_2356

So we are both happy because we have jams to suit all tastes, a wonderful chutney maturing and a few bottles to give to the kind friends who donated to help increase our larder stock!

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