Posted by: michelenel | 14 August, 2013

The Mending Bee has taken off…..

A great and good morning to one and all! It is a glorious day here in Lancashire and I am making the most of my ‘sunshine high’ and getting a few bits and pieces done.  The most important of the day is to tell you all about our new social project – The Mending Bee.

I love to help others to get hooked onto making and crafting – any time that they say “ooh! can you make me one of those?”, I respond with a “No, but I can show you how to do it yourself”.  It may sound harsh, but a) I don’t have time to make for everyone that asks and b) I LOVE to empower others to become creative and make things even when they believe they are entirely without creativity.  It is incredibly fulfilling for both of us when they see that with a little time and tuition they are able to make things for themselves.  This, and far too many years of wondering how I could put my skills to good use, have eventually led us to this point; The Mending Bee.

The Mending Bee is our social experiment/revolution (albeit a quiet one!) to encourage everyone to be more conscious of waste and our tendency in this throwaway society of buying something new to replace what is still a perfectly usable object.  The aim is to get people all over the world to join up once a month in a social setting and for ‘Teacher Bees’ to show ‘Learner Bees’ how to carry out basic sewing techniques in order to mend their wardrobe; things like sewing on a button, hemming a skirt, repairing that zip, taking in a seam when you are lucky enough to lose some weight, or unfortunate (like me!) to gain a few pounds and need to loosen a seam.  Once you have mastered the very basics we hope you will have been inspired to go onto bigger and better projects and actually start to MAKE something for yourself.

As a starting point, why don’t you find out more at our new website; follow us on Twitter @TheMendingBee and like us on Facebook The Mending Bee.   From the website you can send us an email if you are interested in either becoming a Teacher Bee or would love to join a group as a Learner Bee.

We welcome you all along to get our quiet little sewing revolution started; Lancashire today – who knows where tomorrow!

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