Posted by: michelenel | 17 June, 2013

More weight?

A while ago I posted about the little fabric covered lead weights I made with some of the roofing lead taken off the house.  They proved so useful that I wanted some more but made in a slightly different way.  I have a large box of aluminium tins which I use for potions and lotions and asked hubby if lead would melt the tins – he said no, so my next question was “can you please melt some more of that lead and pour it into these tins for me please?”  He obliged and a short time later he was outside collecting a large piece of lead pipe that had been removed from the houses old plumbing system.

One makeshift ‘pot’ made from a bean tin and the stove melted it down in no time.  He poured each tin about 3/4 full and cooled them down before replacing the lids.

2013-06-13 19.33.23   2013-06-13 20.42.39

2013-06-13 20.45.57


2013-06-13 20.46.58   2013-06-13 20.48.06

Here they are in action for the first time – helping me make a tailored men’s shirt.


They are a perfect weight and size but a little boring!  I have asked our son to jazz them up with some different colour spray paints he has leftover from making his Judge Dredd helmet and then I will be adding a little door knob to the top of each of them and sealing the lids back on – after all, I don’t want any of our nimble fingered grandchildren opening them up.  I will definitely take on his idea of adding a felt circle to the bottom of each tin to make them sit nicely on the fabric.

Another fun upcycling project thanks to Hesketh House and the restoration!



  1. Yes again you’ve proved to be too resourceful and practical for words.

  2. […] I used weights instead of pins this time – the use of pins or weights is variable as I tend to just go with what I feel like in the moment. To see how my weights were made go here or here. […]

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