Posted by: michelenel | 16 June, 2013

Quack, Quack…..

Meet my little duck friend – Drake.  He is one of four duck pictures about 30 x 20 cm which were painted onto fabric by a wonderful artist and friend in South Africa.  She used ink and fabric paints for the images and then you embroider over them to create beautiful three-dimensional work.

I used my little ‘100 Embroidery Stitches by Anchor’ booklet to choose appropriate stitches to make the feathers and grasses look more realistic.  This is a really handy book for tucking into your bag and going out and about with a small project – believe me, the amount of time I spend with our son in hospitals allowed me to embroider PLENTY of stitches – and probably saved my sanity as well (twitch, twitch) :-).

This picture was taken before it was stretched and framed but he now sits with his friend in lovely gold frames.  I adore these pieces of work because I love ducks and when the house is done up they will once again find a lovely home where I can admire them each day and then I  will re-post another picture of all of them together rather than just this one lonesome duck.

Image 1

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