Posted by: michelenel | 14 June, 2013

Memories of Super Girl…..

At age five back in 1988, our younger daughter was a little obsessed with Superman and insisted that I make her the outfit.  Little did I know at the time that it would cause quite a stir in our house and little community.

I found the correct colour lycra and the pattern, appliqued the design on the front and then added a pair of red pants, shoe covers and a cape with velcro shoulder fasteners.  As an added touch, I thought it would be good to make her a little skirt so she could wear it over the underpants and be Super Girl – BIG mistake – she was less than impressed with my skirt efforts and here she is seen sporting her skirt for probably the one and only time because after that it was discarded with disdain and she insisted on the boys version instead.  A mother with a tomboy has to try all sorts to get her girl into a pretty dress or have her hair done up nicely – in my case I failed miserably because she was always the one first up a tree or down a ditch and she did things the boys wouldn’t – until she had done it of course!  The fact that mommy sewed all the time also gave her a handy stash of scissors – which she used every few months to chop chunks out of her fringe – seen her just trying to grow back.

The outfit was a RESOUNDING success – with her and all her Kindergarten friends who wanted one as well.  The problem I had was that she insisted on wearing it EVERY, SINGLE, day no matter how hot the South African weather!  I resorted to sneaking into the bedroom at night and washing it before the morning – thank goodness lycra dries quickly.

So be warned – if you have a little one you want to make a superhero outfit for – do so at your own peril!




  1. It seems your daughter and I are similar ages and had similar qualities as children… I was more of a He-Man fan, believing that being Shera was what I wanted to do when I grew up. I swapped my pram with the boy round the corner’s go-cart (much to his Dad’s dismay) and I protested so much about a pink tracksuit that my mum relented and bought the grey one (despite the looks she got from the other Mothers in Woolworths).

    • I had such a good laugh at this because it reminded me about her love of H-Man as well – happy memories of them all running round the garden with wooden swords I had made for them :-). I admire your young spirit swapping at such a young age – you definitely knew what you wanted – brilliant. i must say, I would also have objected to the pink tracksuit. Interestingly, I now work for Shop Direct Group who own Woolworths – but unfortunately it is only available online but the Laydybird stuff is still lovely. Thanks for the message and take care. Michele 🙂

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