Posted by: michelenel | 13 June, 2013

Handy fabric-pocket storage hanger…..

Last year our church refurbished the parent and baby room and I was asked to make a few useful items to liven up the place.  The theme that had chosen was from the new Ikea fabric range and having purchased the beautiful floor rugs they dropped off the matching fabric for me.  I used it to cover a dozen or so different size pillows and cushions.  Stretched some over picture blocks to make bright splashes on the walls.  Made a few dozen meters of bunting – bunting is the best as it cheers up any plain space!  Covered a room divider with a piece of black fabric to which I appliqued some of the flowers cut from the fabric – this looks amazing on the black background rather than covering it all in this – a bit too busy I think!  The final item, and my personal favourite, is this really useful fabric-pocket storage hanger for inside the baby changing facility.  Now they have plenty of space for all the bits and pieces needed for freshening up little bottoms – AND it’s pretty and ornamental as well.

Perhaps I will make another and do a tutorial sometime – I just made it up as I went along so if you are creative and feeling brave why not give it a go?  Put them on the back of doors, the side of cupboards, hanging off babies cot, on the wall, in fact anywhere against a flat surface.





  1. This would be perfect for inside the office cupboard door – it’s where I keep my growing collection of sewing/knitting equipment!

    • I bet that holder isn’t big enough for your stuff and it is trying to escape the cupboard? It is a known fact that knitters/sewers and crafters CANNOT keep it contained!! 🙂 If you do make one please send up an update with some pictures. Take care. Michele

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