Posted by: michelenel | 11 June, 2013

Wedding day memories…..

Way, way back in 1980 I was married to my incredible hubby.  For my special day, my mom had purchased the most amazing satin fabric and lace with fleur-des-lis designs embroidered on it – I can remember like it was yesterday standing over the dining room table (aged 17; a real child bride!) with all the pieces pinned out ready to be cut, scissors in hand and too terrified to make the first cut in case it was wrong and I ruined the expensive cloth!  Needless to say, I checked and double-checked and then dived right in.  This was my first really big and really important project and the memories, and the dress, will stay in my mind forever.

Years have passed and when I wanted to start my sewing log I realised that a large number of my dressmaking patterns were no longer with me – this is what happens when you move around 25 times in your married life!  I could not remember what the pattern maker was or the number but I had a crystal clear image in my mind of what the cover artwork was.  I trawled the internet for hours trying to find it using search terms like ‘Juliet Wedding Dress’ and ‘1980 wedding dress’ and I knew the minute I spotted it that this was the correct one…..



…. It also brought back wonderful memories of shopping to find the ‘perfect’ fabric to make the blue version you see here.  In those days, if you lived in Johannesburg in South Africa and you wanted fabric the ONLY place was The Oriental Bazaar – wow! what an incredible place that was to spend many happy hours and days.  I found the perfect fabric – now all I have to do is see if I can unearth a picture of the actual dresses.

I ordered the pattern which was in brilliant condition – all the way from the United States.  It now has a place of pride in my pattern box – to occasionally come out and be admired together with the photo album because sadly the dress which I kept is no longer with me.  My mom used to be a bit of a gypsy in her earlier days as well, and on one of her moves my beautiful dress was stolen!  I console myself with the thought that whoever stole it must have loved it and hopefully got as my enjoyment in its wearing as I did.

And 33 years later, hubby and I are as happy as we were back then.  Beautiful moments like these make beautiful memories and it would not have been half as sweet if I hadn’t handmade my own dresses.



  1. How beautiful!

    As a recent bride myself (Not quite a child but at 22 quite young by todays standards in the UK) this story really hits a chord. I hope in 30-odd years time I will be able to tell a equally moving story.

    • Thank you so much. I am blessed with an incredible husband and we both work very hard at our wonderful marriage. If you do the same it will all work out well 🙂 Michele

  2. Lovely story! Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you. It was wonderful finding this picture as it is one of the only I have on the computer and the album is buried somewhere in our boxes which are waiting to be unpacked when the house restoration is complete – at this rate 2023!! 🙂

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