Posted by: michelenel | 1 June, 2013

Reusable wipes container refash…..

Having lots of babies around our house all the time means we go through a LOT of baby wipes!  Some of the best disposable brands are in plastic containers with the sticky tape closures at the top and I have found that after a couple of uses the tape no longer sticks down and the wipes dry out.  My solution is a refashioned plastic tub and the click-closed lid from another brand of wipes.

You will need:

A suitable sized plastic container (a taller one for home for the full pack of wipes is good and a flatter one for babies bag), I used what I had free but find one you really like the look and style of.

A craft knife,

A pen,

A lid flap from an old wipes container (any brand you like, even the make-up ones are good)

Hot glue gun or double sided tape.



Remove the lid off the wipes.

Open the lid flap and place it onto the lid of your new plastic container and mark around the inside of the lid flap where you will be cutting your opening.

Cut along your marked line with the craft knife or scissors.

Using the hot glue gun attached the lid flap to the lid of the plastic container.

Now cut open a new packet of wipes and add to your refashioned plastic container – you now have a handy wipes holder that won’t dry out too quickly!

Why not make a small one for your handbag or baby bag too?  And remember that if you use re-usable baby wipes this can also be used for them together with some of the lovely homemade liquids available – try these and these (but search the web as there are so many versions available and you should find the one that suits you and your baby).

If you wear the lid flap out simply remove it and replace it with a new lid.

Happy up-cycling!




  1. Love this! What a brilliant idea!

  2. Hi there,

    I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Award here

    Please don’t feel obliged to accept the nomination or participate – it took me months to do this when I was kindly nominated!

    If blog awards aren’t your thing, I totally understand, but just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog.


    Teddy and Tottie

    • Dani, that is really lovely of you. I have no experience in these things and will take a look and let you know – either way, I am honoured. Thank you. Michele 🙂

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