Posted by: michelenel | 29 May, 2013

Designing my sewing room….

Hubby and I have been married for 33 years and have moved houses 25 times the last count. Thankfully the last 14 years have been in only 3 houses and we hope this is our final home because it has everything we have always wanted – it just needs a LOT of tender loving care!

On the plus side, this is the first house where I have had a dedicated sewing room which is INCREDIBLE, and I am so thankful for it; then again, hubby never complained when I mentioned turning one of the bedrooms into a sewing room so I can only assume he is rather relieved not to have his living space invaded every time I go on a creative rampage!

The room I chose is lovely and bright, with two large windows. This room used to be an upstairs kitchen when the upper floor of the house was the innkeepers residence, as a result we have inherited some great, and very few bad elements.

On the good side:- It already has six electrical outlets, a sink, lots of light and really high ceilings.

On the down side:- It used to be a kitchen so I have to make do with the old kitchen sink and kitchen cupboard units until the rest of the house is well progressed and I don’t feel too guilty about doing up my sewing space (sigh!).

Seriously, the fact that I have to make do with an old kitchen for a while is a small price to pay for having my own space. We have stripped out the awful layers of linoleum flooring and now have the bare floorboards; most of the cupboards are gone apart from the temporarily useful ones; the old stove has been sent off to appliance heaven care of the local rag and bone man (yes, we still have those here in the North West) and we have added in some of the old pub tables for sewing surfaces.

I have to think very carefully about the new layout and contents because of the number of people who pass through my sewing room each month and being in a wheelchair takes up a huge amount extra floorspace for manoeuvering. To aid in my design I researched all sorts of sewing/craft rooms – try Houzz either online or the App – this offers amazing ideas for every room of the house. I started by sketching the room on Penultimate (badly), but it was only to capture the dimensions and I have subsequently drawn in on SketchUp 8, added all the main furniture elements and can now start moving it all about to find the best use of space.

After waiting this long for a sewing room, I want to make sure I get it right – have you got any tips from your own sewing project you’d like to share?




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