Posted by: michelenel | 25 May, 2013

From duvet to baby sling…..

Once again the good old duvet cover (or quilt cover depending on where you live) has come in handy for a very useful project. I got this cover from Ikea many moons ago and kept it for some future project or other. Well it turned out to be just what I needed to back our granddaughters quilt and because it was so big I had more than half of it left over.
When our newest granddaughter was born recently I wanted to try out a wrap-around fabric carrier/sling and this was just right for a practice piece.
Simply cut a really long strip of about 4 meter by 50cm wide (the length depends on your size but make it extra long if both you and hubby want to use it) and hem it all the way around. I added a couple of ribbon tags to the centre edge which helps find the middle of the sling and can also be used to hold your phone or other small objects you want to keep handy.
Next, find a willing model and play around with the many wrapping techniques you will find on YouTube.
Here we see our small baby carried on the front. – she absolutely loves this and it gives mommy plenty of opportunity to kiss her on the head!



I really love this sling because I can carry my granddaughter around and still have my hands free to push myself in my wheelchair – a perfect up cycling project in my book! 😊



  1. Reblogged this on Something to Ponder About and commented:
    Clever idea for reusing a duvet cover!

  2. Great idea. I have re- blogged this on my blog.

    • Brilliant! Thank you so much; I am truly honoured and I am following you to find other tricks that I can learn from others. 🙂

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