Posted by: michelenel | 21 May, 2013

Just peg it…..

On my wish list I have added some sewing clips – I haven’t bought any yet because I cannot get it out of my head that there are other cheaper, up-cycling options that will do the same job and not cost nearly as much – or anything at all!

Take my cloth nappy project this week, I needed something other than pins to keep the layers together because I did not want to puncture the PUL (the plastic coated fabric) in between – after all, I don’t want to do all this work and be told by Daughter One that they leak!! Clothes pegs seemed the obvious solution because most of us have these lying around the house. I had to hunt ours down as they are not often used in our house as the weather is so dreadful we tend to tumble dry most of our washing (I know, LARGE carbon footprint, but I make up for it by up-cycling tons of other stuff).

They worked a treat – easy to use and easy to remove as you go around. The only downside with the wooden ones is that by the time you have added this many to your project, it can weigh substantially more than it did beforehand!

IMG_1816 IMG_1818

So next time I am in town, I have plastic, flat-headed clothes pegs on my list. And if you want to be really good and up-cylcle why not try some of these…..


…just break off the hanger section from the clips and there you have it – free clips from skirt/trouser hangers! So next time the lovely shop assistant asks “Would you like to keep your hangers?” say “YES, and have you any spare?”



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