Posted by: michelenel | 20 May, 2013

Barnaby’s birthday tent…..

Our beautiful little grandson turned one last week and rather than buy him toys I thought it would be a lovely idea to make him something special.  Daughter two did a quick trawl of the internet and came up with some lovely tent ideas and when I saw them it was a done deal – one tent coming up!

I made this one without any tutorials but since then have found a few of them online which you could use if you want to give it a try.  This beautiful Ikea Kid’s fabric was in my stash and was perfect for the occasion – just remember that if you have an obvious pattern you will need to cut the fabric in half and sew it so the animals or print are facing up on both sides!

Seriously, kids cannot seem to resist a tent or hidey-hole and this will make the little ones in your life extremely happy.  Because the sides are adjustable, it can fit in a narrow space or over a bed or be set at its full width or the size of the front and back – if you make these.  I know how much our lot love to hide away and close the door on their play tents so I wanted to add the front and back for when they needed a little more privacy!

It all rolls up really nicely on itself using the ribbons and can be carried off for outdoor picnics, days at the beach, camping etc etc.

DSCN3300  DSCN3307

DSCN3296  DSCN3310

Happy Bundu Bashing Barney!

PS. These lovely bright pictures were taken in our back garden which is still a complete wilderness except this tiny patch of lawn for the children – I am hoping that the sunshine we had that week will not be the end of our British summer!!!!



  1. What a lovely present and idea! It looks like lots of fun to play in.

    • I am pleased to report that both of the children love it! Mom was telling me that they use it all the time inside – all we need is some lovely summer weather and it may see the outdoors – a very small maybe at the moment!

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