Posted by: michelenel | 19 May, 2013

Christmas in May?

I designed this current version of the reusable cloth nappy following some feedback from our daughter;  she liked the inner gusset and poppers but wanted it to be a bit shorter in the body.  Duly noted and amended on the pattern and I needed to test out the new design and this piece of micro fleece with monkey Father Christmases was a bargain and had to be purchased.  Together with another rather bright green and some bright white FOE (fold over elastic), this one turned out ALMOST perfect – apart from the fact that I cut all three layers the same width but made gussets on the inside layer and forgot that I should have made the outer layers narrower because they are un-gusseted!  Frustrating because I only ever seem to discover these important things when I cannot go back and fix them!!!  Anyway, I have devised a plan that should make it slimmer but it won’t really matter that much with the extra bulk – and I have made a very large note on my pattern so I don’t repeat the mistake again; after all, I have quite a few more to practice on.

Regardless, I think it is still really cute even in Christmas fabric during summer (which at the moment in England could be mistaken for winter)….

IMG_1803 IMG_1806 IMG_1810


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