Posted by: michelenel | 18 May, 2013

Roofing lead for sewing????

Our house has produced some fairly interesting items of up-cycling since we moved in and started the restoration. None more so than today’s little (very little) project which helps re-use some of the old roofing lead we have stashed away to make some lovely little sewing weights for my sewing room. I will use these to place on my pattern pieces and allow me to cut out without the paper moving all over the show.

A few scraps of fabric from a cloth nappy I am in the process of making, a piece of ribbon and a hot-glue gun – et voila! Up-cycling a piece of an old roof into a sewing accessory – unexpected and perfect!




  1. A genius bit of up-cycling. Nicely done and extremely practical.

    • Isn’t it just! I love them and have added a new photo with them in use. 😊

  2. […] as I tend to just go with what I feel like in the moment. To see how my weights were made go here or […]

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