Posted by: michelenel | 17 May, 2013

Bobbin toe tidies…..

I am sure it isn’t just me who gets really annoyed when my bobbin thread runs out part-way through my project, so after many years of this annoyance, I have eventually done something about it!

Get hold of some toe separators – those foamy things for when you paint your toenails.  I NEVER paint mine and the ones I had at home were still unused in my manicure set and became the first of many bobbin tidies.

Wind as many bobbins as you will need; and for the commonly used colours I simply wind at least 4 at a time.  Add them into the foam slot and make sure you wind in any loose ends. I keep mine well marked up to make sure that I have a ready supply of bobbins wound for each of my machines and don’t mix them up (my machines all use different size and types of bobbins).  These are amazing as they keep your bobbins from unravelling all over the place; especially when the grandchildren’s little fingers can’t keep off them.

Oh the cheap little things that keep me happy – Inspiring or what!!



  1. Very inspiring! A great idea : )

    • It is great how we can find alternate uses for mundane objects. 😄

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