Posted by: michelenel | 16 May, 2013

Trading up my overlocker…..

After a mere 25 years I felt it was time to trade up my faithful old overlocker. Back in the day, this Finesse was all I could afford but although it took a real beating and proved a little temperamental at times, was a real workhorse for me and was instrumental in much of the gathering of tulle for many dozens of ballet tutu’s produced over the years. Back in the late 80’s and 90’s it was a given that much of the clothing was in knit fabrics to create all sorts of tracksuits, joggers, jumpers and fleece jackets, and without my overlocker life would have been a little more tedious.

Surprisingly, I had not realised what a good machine it turned out to be because my new Janome 6234XL is hardly that much different.


I had done some research on my various options (after all, I am 25 years behind the times when it comes to modern machines) and really wanted something that would do it all but not break the bank – too much! With my three preferred options in mind we headed for Hobkirks in Bradford to test drive a few of the models, but that is where my best laid plans were scuppered by a lovely man who, after listening carefully to my requirements, boldly and emphatically told me that the true workhorse that he would recommend was this Janome which they kept bringing back into production because of its reliability. It would do almost all of what I wanted without the price tag of the others and it was THE most reliable model on the market. Well, how could I argue with that when he could have tried to sell me the much more expensive brands he had in stock; and so here we are with a new machine very like the old machine, but most importantly it does the job very well and I am happy to have saved myself £300 as well.

So you see, it turns out that my ‘cheap’ machine was a great buy – you can’t keep a good thing down; and a valuable lesson – just because it is older does not mean it is no longer of use! After all, take a look at me! 🙂

So, my task for today is to give the old girl a bit of a pamper with a good clean and oil and pack her nicely away in the carry bag for when the sewing bees in my life a ready for some speed!



  1. So first test went well with the new machine… I’d be interested to hear how you get on over the long-term with it. I’m in the market for an overlocker but as it’ll be my first one, I’ll be relying on recommendations.

    • Hi clippedcurves, lovely to hear from a fellow stitcher. I have rather a full list of projects over the next few months and would be happy to keep you up to date with my progress – just remind me! Happy sewing. Michele

      • ‘Following’ so I can see these planned project come to fruition… and remind you! 😉

      • Thank you so much for following my blog – I am truly honoured. Kind regards. Michele

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