Posted by: michelenel | 14 May, 2013

Attempt 1 and 2 at making re-usable nappies…..

Attempt 1 and 2 at making re-usable nappies was an interesting affair.

I liked neither of the patterns I had seen and as usual felt that slight modifications were in order. The gussets I inserted in the first version were a bit of a nonsense and apart from being too large were also a little sticky-outy (new word of the day?). AND, we may not want to discuss the disaster with the poppers which landed up looking lovely but had to become purely decorative when I found out that I had inserted them a little early in the process and they were entirely non-functional!!


Nappy 2 was of a slightly modified design which does include gussets but is hidden inside the nappy in a similar way to those in a disposable nappy. It also is an edged nappy rather than a sewn and turned inside out version. I think version 2 is a much better design and having drafted the new pattern, I am ready to start production once I have had the user-trial reviews from daughter one and our 1-year-old grandson.


There is nothing better than actual constructive feedback to ensure you produce the best product which is perfect for mom and baby.

Once I have the go ahead, I will take photographs of the process and supply a few more details, in the meantime please be gentle on the far from perfect results!



  1. Not sure why or how nappies can be cute, after all they are for collecting poop!! But these are adorable.

    • That is what I thought too! I have some big ideas for a few great fabrics which are going to make some C-U-T-E nappies.

  2. Ooo the second version is fab! So cute and tidy, lovely job =)

    • Thank you very much, I hope our grandson likes them too. We are trying to save the planet – one nappy at a time! After all, my hubby has the LARGEST carbon footprint of anyone else we know!

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