Posted by: michelenel | 13 May, 2013

British Bulldog?

Barnaby, the birthday boy, turns one tomorrow so a special outfit was in order and when daughter two found this piece of  fabric with cartoon bulldogs end-of-roll for only £2.25 it was too cute AND too much of a bargain to turn your back on!  A padded gillet (a posh word for a padded waistcoat?) soon followed – the first piece of clothing she has made by herself – well done sweetie!

With the off-cuts I thought a pair of reversible trousers were in order.  The brown fabric is destined to become our son’s first attempt at making a waistcoat and I only needed a small piece which was then lined with the bulldog knit fabric and finished off with some poppers; an essential part of any baby clothing.

Not having the model at hand, and assuming the trousers which were marked as ‘age 1’ would actually fit an age 1 seems to be incorrect because on seeing him and the trousers in the same place it appears that whoever made this patterns has a rather tiny one year old compared to our rather substantial grandson!  Oh well, maybe they will fit him with a disposable nappy on – either way, I intend to repeat the exercise but in a slightly more enlarged size.

Lesson of the week?  Don’t assume that all patterns for an age group will fit – I am always telling my family – “measure twice; cut once”, so I had better follow my own advice more closely!

DSCN3344   DSCN3348


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