Posted by: michelenel | 6 May, 2013

What has Heathrow got to do with it?

If you have ever travelled through one of the larger airports like Heathrow, you have probably been stuck in a holding pattern while your flight waits for a landing slot.  Well, my sewing room has a holding pattern as well – or a queue.  Having a large list of projects that I would like to make in the near future (besides the quilting and other crafty things of course), it seems like a good idea to have a visual cue as a reminder.  Hopefully it works to remind me of what is in the pipeline, inspire me to keep going and also (and most importantly) to STOP adding too many things to an already long list!!!

So far, I have ticked one item off the list – the free Burda blouse pattern.  I am now working on the tent for our grandsons birthday.  The frustrating thing is that time moves far to quickly and this weekend having an extra day because of the May bank holiday hasn’t seemed to have made any difference at all – I am running out of time and it doesn’t help that we are off to a charity tea and cake party for a few hours later today.  I am seriously torn because I want to sew, but I really want some of the lovely cakes that I know will be on offer from a very talented young lady – take a look at these from!

What are the chances that when I remove the one pattern I have completed, it doesn’t get filled with another request?  Probably ZERO.

Happy sewing everyone!



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