Posted by: michelenel | 28 April, 2013

My muse, my inspiration…..

The Great British Sewing Bee came to the end of the series this week, but the good news is that they are planning another series – Yippee!  The big question weighing heavily on my mind at the moment is whether or not to enter.  If you knew me even slightly, you would understand my dilemma because my personality type is pretty driven, with a need to succeed being pretty high on the list of requirements.  This makes fear of failure an ever present niggle in the back of my head and one that I constantly have to fight against – I do a LOT of things scared – some call it brave, others call it reckless, but whatever it is, it drives me to try all sorts of things that I would otherwise stand back and watch others attempt.

One thing I know is if I inadvertently influence one more person to pick up a piece of fabric and a needle this sort of experience would have been worthwhile.  In the meantime, I will continue to teach the young ladies in my Bee and advise my family in their newfound love of sewing.
I love you guys so much and your praise has highlighted to me how much you have loved my work (most anyway!) over the years and I am so happy that you love what I do.  Thank you for being my beautiful children.  Thank you for allowing me to experiment on you and hone my skills over many projects, lovingly made for each one of you.  Thank you each for being my muse, my inspiration; It has been my honour and my pleasure.
I love you all madly
Mom (and Queen Bee)

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