Posted by: michelenel | 28 April, 2013

Free Burda Pattern Project…..

Everyone loves something for free, especially when it is useful and pretty as well.  In the case of my latest sewing project, it is a very nice blouse pattern from Burda.  If you go here, then go to blouses and tick the ‘free’ box, and you will find it in PDF format to print off at home or at a copy shop.  I have finished piecing all the bits together, cut them out and have laid them onto the fabric – another bargain.

We went off to Lancaster to the Sanderson factory outlet which is where they print this Liberty fabric, and although it is end of line, or slightly flawed it is often hard to see any fault with it and this is the case with this latest purchase because despite checking it carefully I cannot find any defects.  Therefore, this little blouse for one of our daughters is going to cost the grand total of £7.50 – excluding the interfacing, thread and buttons which I already have in my stash.

Here we are all set to go….


IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0064

I think she will like the design because she is loopy for Liberty!  xx

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