Posted by: michelenel | 19 April, 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee…..

Despite the fact we have a huge television with all the bells and whistles, since we moved into Hesketh House we definitely don’t have time to watch it apart from Sunday night when our end of week wind-down is Countryfile followed by Antiques Roadshow! This is the reason our son-in-law keeps telling us that he would make much better use of it.
Seriously, if it hadn’t been for all my friends and family who know how much I love to sew asking me what I thought of Great British Sewing Bee, it would have been another series that passed us by without notice. On this occasion though I was intrigued and decided it was worth catching on BBC iPlayer, and I am so glad I did.  To many people this may not sound like the most scintillating viewing, but for me it was heavenly.


I loved seeing the challenges they were set and thinking how I would have approached the task and comparing notes.  Even though I spend a lot of time sewing, this has definitely inspired me to do more because much of my time recently has been made up with quilting and other smaller household sewing and I have wanted to make myself some clothing for ages now.  When the family were younger I used to make almost all our clothing myself, including more ballet costumes and tutu’s than I can count but since our children’s weddings a few years ago dressmaking has taken a back seat.

Just the incentive I needed and hopefully before long I will have some lovely blouse fabrics to rustle into some much-needed new summer (I use this word in the loosest sense because we are still waiting for Spring to arrive!) clothing; and I know just the place to go to for a little bit of Liberty of London fabric – ooh! getting excited just thinking about it!

Why not let this inspire you too and let’s see what you create.

Now it may sound greedy because I have got a lovely big sewing room filled with all sorts of treasure, but seriously, that studio set with all that fabric, reels of ribbon and embellishments is to-die-for!  The idea of having all of that available at your fingertips is AMAZING!

Happy sewing bee’s



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