Posted by: michelenel | 12 April, 2013

Vintage bonnet anyone?

I am having such a wonderful time making bonnets for little girls; I only wish I had been able to crochet when my own girls were babies but it is a craft that I only came to much later in life and when they were little I knitted or sewed everything.

Now I have an excuse to make pretty things to my heart’s content (time permitting of course!) because I have 2 beautiful granddaughters and a whole flock of little baby girls at church as well.  A few of my trial pieces are almost ready for fitting – I want to make them up with specific yarn and hook sizes and label them as samples so I know how big they come out so when someone asks for a particular age size I can refer back to these samples and know exactly how to replicate them – or increase/decrease them if need be.

This one is made in Patons cotton….


And this one in a 3 ply Sirdar Snuggly….


A very different pattern and outcome which is brilliant as I now know what to expect from the different types of yarn.  I adore these little vintage style bonnets and hope they find a similarly appreciative audience.

Now I plan to write-up the patterns and publish them at some point for any other industrious crafters.


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