Posted by: michelenel | 11 April, 2013

Baby bamboo?

If you are anything like I used to be and thought that wool was wool, was wool, then I am here to enlighten you and ensure you don’t waste money on too much cheap yarn before figuring this out for yourself.  I really wish I had someone who could have helped me out when I was MUCH younger because I would have been much wiser by now!  Don’t get me wrong, there is a place in every crafters stash for the cheap yarns and I have and still use plenty of it, but when you want something to last and look really classy then nothing compares to the fine yarns we have available to us today.

I am a million miles from being an expert in these matters, but when you use a yarn for the first time you immediately know whether it is good, bad or indifferent and today I want to tell you about a new yarn in my repertoire, Baby Bamboo Double Knit from Sirdar Snuggly.

I needed a nice soft yarn for a small babies cloche and venturing into my newly rediscovered ‘yarn barn’, I was delighted to find a beautiful selection of colours in this range and luckily for me in a perfect raspberry tone that the mommy had requested.

Oh boy!  I was in heaven because this yarn feels wonderful to the touch and works up beautifully as well.  In no time at all I had finished the cloche and simultaneously found my latest favourite yarn.


I think therefore a review is in order so here goes…..

Cost:  For a 50g ball of this yarn at Black Sheep Wools I paid £3.29 (correct at April 2013)

Comfort:  Very soft and cuddly when made up.

Performance:  Really lovely to work with.  Does not split and is smooth and easy to work.

Overall:  I really like this yarn.  It is super to work with, looks lovely when completed and washes very well.  All in all, I would give this a big thumbs up and will definitely use in the future.

And here is the first finished project….


Beautiful even if I say so myself, and the best thing is that the mommy is over the moon with the results.  Happy days!



  1. Wow, that really is beautiful! Great review- our local knit shop stocks this and I always pause to have a little feel (crafter’s prerogative, right?). Maybe next time I’ll buy some!

    • Mmmm – do I feel a stocking filler in your future?? I can definitely recommend this for you.

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