Posted by: michelenel | 10 April, 2013

Ugly bunny???

I cannot claim this to be one of my finest hours, but I can’t take all the blame because this pattern clearly is not correct and I should have fixed it rather than carrying on and hoping (in vain) for an improvement!  This was meant to be a ‘little’ amigurumi bunny in matching yarns to fit neatly into the pocket on the lovely new blanket I crocheted for our granddaughter.  Instead he turned out so large he now has to sit inside the crib rather than tucked away neatly in the pocket!!

In a futile attempt to make him look slimmer, I added a little waistcoat – an epic failure as I am sure it only makes him more portly rather than slimming him down!


Oh well, he is destined to be called Ugly forever unless someone comes up with a more polite name for him – any ideas?



  1. I don’t think he is ugly at all! I think he is adorable and unique, and I’m sure will be loved for a very long time! 🙂

    • Thank you for the lovely comment. I think you are right he is going to get dragged round by an ear or leg and cuddled and squished. 🙂

  2. Aww, its cute and colorful! I’m sure your grandbaby will love it and it will be around for years even when the colors are faded and the eyes are lost.

    • Thank you for the visit. These are wonderful colours, especially the green and raspberry. I am sure he will be well loved and manhandled, but I think he can handle it!

  3. At least the vest fits!!! hahaha When I made my first doll pattern that poor thing needed to loose some weight to fit in it. I still have not fixed the picture, but the pattern is ok. I do not think he is ugly either, I think he is original and cute.

    • Hi beatesmock, thank you for the wonderful comments and I appreciate the fact that I am not alone in making peculiar sized items but carrying on regardless! Does it show signs of an impatient personality? Probably. Keep crafting.

      • hahaha Funny you should mention impatient. My German brother always tells me to have patient- may it be if I learn computer or working on my patterns. He makes me ticked of with his being so laid back. One day I told him: – in German of course:” Look, this is America, we don’t have time for such stuff like patience!”

      • Correct. Too many things to make and not enough time! 😄

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