Posted by: michelenel | 10 April, 2013

I’m in clover…..

If you have ever heard this saying you will probably know that it denotes someone or something in a state of happiness and that is exactly what I am following my recent purchase of some new Clover crochet hooks.

For anyone who has found their way to my blog thinking it was something more exciting – my apologies, but in my world this IS exciting!

I have hummed and ahhed about buying more crochet hooks because I keep thinking “how many can a girl possibly need”?  Well, clearly it is more than I had the day before because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these.  After years of using the bog standard metal hooks, this is an absolute revelation and I really wish I had them sooner.

The Clover crochet hooks are just one of many different comfortable handled varieties and I will be reviewing these at a later time, but for now here are my findings:

Cost – I paid £3.29 each for a size 3.0mm, 3.5mm and 4.0mm.  I was pleased with this price as they are less than some of the other brands.  I purchased mine from Black Sheep Wool in Cheshire but they are easily found at most online stores.

Comfort – I use my crochet hook in the ‘over’ position (like you hold a knife in England (not necessarily America)) and found them to be extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Performance – The design of the hook is excellent and picks up yarn easily and cleanly without splitting the yarn or dropping off the hook.

Overall – A very comfortable, reasonably priced and easy to use product that I will definitely add more of to my range.



  1. Brilliant! Thanks for the recommendation! Clover is such a good brand… and usually pricey so nice to see good prices.

    • I agree about the prices and feel it my duty to go back to the shop and get some more sizes – and maybe have a cuppa and cake at the same time!!

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