Posted by: michelenel | 24 November, 2012

From pub to sewing table?

So we have a few old pub tables lying around here. For those of you who don’t know, we bought an old pub and we’ve converted it into a home (If you want to hear about those adventures you can follow along at lifesanapple which is another one of my blogs).
I’ve wanted a sewing table for many years – one where the machines can drop below the surface so you have a flat area to quilt on. Now because I have a quilt ready to be put together which is quite large, I asked hubby to please see if he could make me one. I had the plan in my head so I jotted them down on a piece of paper for him and last weekend he put all the other building work on hold and modified one of the pub tables using all materials around his workroom and an acrylic insert I picked up at a junk shop for a couple of pence.
So the proof was in the use of the new table and I had an opportunity to test it out making Christmas stockings and Christmas table runners today.
All I can say is – how has it taken 33 years to make me something that has made me so happy?
Thank you sweetie.


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