Posted by: michelenel | 9 March, 2012

Free plates…..

I mentioned a few weeks ago that our new quilting bee had gone off to Crafts & Quilts in Southport to stock up on fabric for our block of the month project. While we were there the lovely owners had provided us with a bag full of scraps. Now one man’s scraps are another women’s treasures and this had definitely proven to be the case because in the bag he had also given us a quilting ruler to make simple Dresden Plates – a real treasure because I quickly put it to work making a design for a calico bag. Daughter number 1 was given a quantity of fabric for her birthday and I wanted to give her a bag to put it all in.

One amazingly easy block later (I machined the entire thing in blanket stitch), a few squares of calico and we have a finished bag – a beautiful design made even more wonderful because it cost nothing but love and attention for the recipient.

If you want to try it yourself why not go to this great tutorial ….




  1. Ties are used here in Finland in quilts and patchworks but I have not seen in bags. Before summer I’ll publish a post in which there are ties.

    If interested how we in Finland are quilting, then:

    Finnish quilts.

    Happy quilting!

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